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International Free Catholic Communion


Archdiocese of the South

Christ is the True Self




Rt. Rev. Lee A. Petersen, C.S.F.

Free Catholic Archdiocese of the South

San Antonio, Texas



Bishop Petersen was ordained to the Priesthood in 1992 by Archbishop Francis Thorne-Coley for the Community of the Companions of St Francis (CSF).

He served as Pastor of the Community Chapel until his election in 1993 as Father General. In 1995, he founded a monastic order in Dallas, Texas: the Order of the Friends of Jesus (OFJ). OFJ started many ministries in the Dallas Fort Worth area, many of which are still serving today.

Father Lee was Consecrated as a Bishop in 1998 by Archbishop Francis Thorne Coley for OFJ .

In 2017 Bishop Lee moved back to San Antonio & in 2018 the Archdiocese of the South was created.

Bishop Lee's ministry is rooted in the Contemplative Tradition, having practiced many forms of Meditation for over 40 years.